Advisory work, valuations, historical descriptions and more.

Over the past Forty or so years my love of Antique Chinese costume and textiles has not wavered for a moment. Though most of you know I have now semi retired to follow my equal passion of the study of Buddhism. However, I do feel it is my still my ‘job’ to share with you my thoughts and expertise that these years in the textile world have given me.

Buddha said…

…we should do four things to become a good meditator of an object. To settle the mind, contemplate its good qualities, dedicate your good virtues for being given the precious time to do such contemplation and realise the object completely until it becomes crystal clear.​

Textile Care

Antique textiles require a minimum but important level of care to maintain their condition. Display, handling and storage are the three areas you need to consider.

History of Costumes

The ceremonial dragon robe, with its characteristic symmetrically placed dragons and stripped deep water hem, Lishui epitomises Chinas last imperial dynasty, the Qing (1644-1911).

My fees explained:

Our work is based on trust and exchange.

Our commission ranges from 5%- 20% to help with the sale of your piece. I do not take on the sale unless I feel confident we can achieve the result required.

For advisory work valuations historical descriptions etc fees range between £25-£100 an hour.  We also give special prices for large commissions ie working with a whole collection.

We look forward to working with you.

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